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Save Collection - Automated Workflow Event

The Save Collection event allows you to save data in a collection through an automated workflow.

Let's see how to create an event step by step to save data in a collection.

Step 1: Create the Save Collection Event Action

To create an event to save data in a collection, go to the Events panel and click the Add Event button. You will be redirected to the events page.

Just add the name of the event and click the Create button.

Then, click on the add icon and go to Collection in the dropdown event action list and select Save Data by clicking on it once.

The Save Data dialogue box will open. Here, select the collection in which you want to save. You can also choose to allow only logged-in users to submit data or keep it open so anyone can fill the form without logging in. Once done, click the Save button.

DrapCode Builder Save Collection Event

Step 2: Bind the Collection

After creating the event, bind the same collection (on which you created the event) to the collection form or data table and the page, containing the collection form.

Then, bind the Save Data event to the collection form.

DrapCode Builder Save Collection Event

Step 3: Preview or Publish the Page to Check Save Collection Event

Now, click the preview or publish icon to see how the event will appear and work for the users.

In the example below, Show Alert Message is also added in the Save Collection event which notifies the successful submission of the added data.

DrapCode Builder Save Collection Event

Step 4: Open the Collection to Check the Saved Data

Once the added data is successfully submitted, open the collection and check that data added in the collection form has appeared there automatically or not.

DrapCode Builder Save Collection Event