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Navigation - Refresh Section Event

Refresh Section Event comes under the Navigation event action. It allows you to create an automated workflow to automatically refreshe a section in which data is either deleted or added. Therefore, this event must always be created after creating another event for e.g. Delete Data event, Update Data event, etc.

Let's see how to create Refresh Section event step by step:

Step 1: Create Refresh Section Event

To set the navigation event for refreshing a section, go to the Events panel and click the Add Event button. You will be redirected to the events page. Here, add the Event Name and click the Create Event button.

Then, click on the add icon and go to Navigation in the dropdown event action list and select Refresh Section by clicking on it once.

The Refresh Section dialogue box will open. Here, choose the component and the page that contains that element to which you want to bind the refresh section event. Then, click the Save button.

Remember, the Refresh Section event must be added after adding another event action.

DrapCode Builder Refresh Section Event

Step 2: Bind the Event

In this example, the refresh section event is added to a Delete Data event. Therefore, the Delete Data event containing the Refresh Section event is bound to a delete button.

DrapCode Builder Refresh Section Event

Step 3: Publish or Preview to Check the Refresh Section Event

Click on the preview or publish icon to see how the event works.

DrapCode Builder Refresh Section Event

If the Refresh Section event is not added in the Delete Collection event, then the whole event will work as shown in the example below, i.e., the section or data table still shows the deleted entry. One has to refresh the page manually to remove it.

DrapCode Builder Refresh Section Event