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Notification - Dynamic Email Event

Dynamic Email event comes under the Notification event action. It allows you to create an automated workflow to send an email with a click of a button.

Follow these steps to create this event:

Step 1: Create an Email Template

To create a Dynamic Email event, you must have an email template. So click the settings icon at the bottom of the left toolbar and select the Templates option. You will be redirected to the templates page. Just click the create button and creating the email template by addng the following:

  • Name of the email
  • Select a collection that contains an email address field
  • Add a subject
  • Body of the email

Once done, click the Submit button.

DrapCode Builder Alert Message Event

Step 2: Create the Dynamic Email Event

Go to the Events panel and click the Add Event button.

Add the Event Name and click the Create Event button. Then, click the Add New Action button, bring the cursor to the option, Notification in the dropdown event action list and select Dynamic Email Event by clicking on it once.

The Dynamic Email Event dialogue box will open. Here, add the email template and click the Save button. Also, add the Alert Message event discussed below, to indicate that the email is sent successfully or failed to be sent.

DrapCode Builder Alert Message Event

Step 3: Bind the Event

Now, bind the event to a button. In the example below, the event is bound to a button placed inside a data table.

DrapCode Builder Save Collection Event

Step 4: Preview or Publish

Now, click the preview or publish icon to see how the event will appear and work for the users.

DrapCode Builder Save Collection Event

Once you have you clicked the send button, the email will be sent:

DrapCode Builder Save Collection Event