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Creating a Custom Segment

A custom segment is a reusable component just like a snippet. But it is slightly different from it.

Once you create a snippet and add it to a page, you cannot edit its content within the page itself. But with custom segment, you can easily do that. Therefore, custom segment is more convenient and user-friendly.

Creating a Custom Segment

#1. Go to Snippets panel

To create a snippet, go to the Snippets panel in the Right Toolbar and click on the Add Snippet button once. A dialogue box, "Create New Snippet" will open in your canvas.

DrapCode Builder Snippet Creation

#2. Create a Custom Segment

Start by naming the Snippet/Custom segment.Then, select the type of Snippet i.e. Custom Segment. Once done, click the Create Snippet button.

As you click the create button, yu will be redirected to the newly created custom segment.

DrapCode Builder Snippet Creation

#3. Design Custom Segment

After creating a Custom Segment, you will land on a blank page. Here, you can drag-and-drop any component you want and design them as you like. It is similar to designing and styling a snippet.

DrapCode Builder Snippet Creation

Create a Custom Segment by Copying an Existing One

If you've already created and designed some Custom Segments, it is much better to create a new one by just copying the content from the existing custom segment. It will save a lot of time of your time as well as save you from building a custom segment from scratch. Know More

Create a Custom Segment Using a Snapshot

Another way of creating a new custom segment by using another one is via snapshot. Snapshot is like a screenshot that keeps all the content in its original state even if the custom segment from which it was created gets changed or deleted. Know More