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Create a Blank Project

Once you have created an account on DrapCode, its time to start building your first project and to do so, you've to the first login into your newly made account:

#1: Login to your account

Access your account from the Login Page by providing your login credentials. In case, you have not made it yet, then click here and sign up now.

DrapCode Login Form

#2: Create Project

After logging in to your DrapCode account, you will land on your dashboard (which looks as shown in the image below).

To create a blank project, just click the Create Project button in the dashboard.

DrapCode Login Form

#3: Create a Blank Project

Click the Continue button on "Create a Blank Project" card.

DrapCode Create Blank Project

#4: Name the Project

Type the project name of your choice and click the create project button. If you want to edit advanced project settings, then click on the Advanced Settings button (marked in red below).

DrapCode Login Form

#5: Advanced Project Settings

Under the advanced settings, you can add project description, upload a favicon or upload the icon/logo image of your web app.

Once done, click the Create Project button.

DrapCode Login Form

#6: Go to the Builder

Now click on the Go to Builder to Start Designing button.

You can also add authentication in your project by incorporating default security settings or custom security settings in your project.

DrapCode Login Form

#7: Builder Console

You will land on the builder console, where all building and designing action takes place. Before you start building your web app, check out the video and get a quick intoduction of the builder, so you can easily navigate through it.

DrapCode Login Form

#8: Start Building

After watching the video, use your creativity without any boundation and just start building :)

DrapCode Login Form