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Collection Form

Collection form is a very useful component to add a form in a web app for saving data dynamically. It will allow you to collect data or information directly from from the users.

1. Adding a Collection Form

To add a collection form, go to the Forms category under the Components panel and drag and drop the Collection Form component in the canvas.

In the example below, the collection form is dropped in a structure, constructed using rows and columns.

DrapCode Builder Collection Form

2. Bind a Collection

To a bind a collection, open the settings of the collection form and select the collection whose data or items you want to list or add in the form. As you select a collection, all collection fields in it will appear automatically in the collection form.

DrapCode Builder Binding Collection Form

3. Bind Collection Events

You have to create a Save Collection event to save data through a collection form. Once you creat the event, go to the settings of a collection form and bind the event to it.

DrapCode Builder Binding Collection Form