Introduction to DrapCode

Here is a short introduction about DrapCode and the list of features we support for you to build an awesome application.

What is DrapCode?#

DrapCode is built with a vision to let non-techies build softwares :)

We strongly believe that coding should not be limited to programmers hence we build this tool for non-coders to build and launch the web application using [No]Code Application builder.

DrapCode is a multi-purpose, Web Apps builder, which means it allows you to Design, Build & Launch your web applications by easy Drag & Drop enabled builder. Connect those pages to the CMS and bring dynamic data to the pages and bring them to life.

Connect with external applications using APIs using plugins for external services. Interact with other applications in real time.

Features for [No]Code Developers#

Responsive Page Design#

You can design beautiful looking web pages using the Page builder. Drag & Drop the components which you like and see your pages coming into shape in no time.

Even a beginner can do the design without needing any design skills. It is super easy to learn and works across all the devices such as mobile, tablet, desktop etc.

To create the page design, you get an canvas and you can start building the page by moving components over the canvas. The components can be anything such as images, videos, buttons, links, frames, text fields, dropdown, maps or any custom element of your choice.

Pre-Built Section#

To save time and build a website more conveniently, DrapCode has Pre Built Sections that contains several ready-to-use builder components and pages with different themes and designs.

By just dragging and dropping the readymade sections you can build your ebsite in no time. It is also makes the builder very convenient to use especially for the beginners, who don't want to build and design a website or webpage component by component.

Also, the pre-built sections is very flexible. So, if you want to add or remove a component, you can easily do that.


To bring life to the application, you need dynamic pages with data and that is made possible using our custom collections module where you can define the collections you want to use in the application and create the fields/attributes to populate data into it.

This data can be of any form such as Text Strings, Numbers, Images, Date, Currency, Address or anything you like.

This data can further be used in the dynamic pages which you have created and bring life to the pages. You can import/export the data using several APIs and communicate to 3rd party services as well.

Workflow & Events#

You can create various events and stitch them to make a complete workflow as per your use case. Events can be as simple as triggering and email or SMS on user signup or a complex calculation on form submission.

All of this can be achieved on a few clicks of a mouse and bit our learning through our tutorials.


We have out-of-the-box support of various third party applications for trivial use cases such as App Usage Analytics, Email & SMS Notifications, Checkout flow, Payment Gateways, Import & Export of data, Social Media, Video players etc

We are adding new plugins at each release and won't mind prioritising few integrations if that solves your problem. Just reach out to us on and we would be happy to build something which makes you happy and solves your use case.

You can see the complete list of Supported Integrations.


A lot of times it happens that you don't need the raw data as it is and want to manipulate it before serving it to your end users.

No worries about it, we have solution for that as well :)

We have various pre-built functions which you can execute on your collection fields and convert it into the derived data you need.

Few examples are below:

  • Addition
  • Substraction
  • Multiplication
  • Substring
  • Division
  • Average
  • Concatenation
  • Date Format
  • Number Format
  • Currency Format
  • and many more

Email & SMS Notifications#

There are several scenarios where you need to send Emails & SMSes to your end users on various events or on any particular scenario.

To let you know that we have several integrations with third party email & SMS providers to help you solve this use case. Just install the relevant plugin, set the needed configuration and you are ready to go.

Create your custom email/SMS templates and bind them your workflow and see them getting triggered and reaching your users as you wanted :)

Templates & Snippets#

A Coder is Not a Good Coder if he does not follows the DRY (Don't repeat yourself) principle.

How can we let you behind as a [No]Coder. We have the support of Reusable Templates and Components Snippets which you can define once and reuse as many times as you want.

Once you change something at one place, it gets reflected everywhere, wherever you have used the template or Snippet.

So Don't Repeat Yourself :)


We understand that how hward it is to manually update the data and to make the process simple, we have tried a bit to teach you some coding (if you wish) and you have the power of REST APIs to play with your data.

Write some code and interact with your data in real time. Wether you want to apply some Custom Login or want to do integration with some third party services, our APIs are available to provide the data you need.

If there are use cases where we may not be able to deliver what you as you need, then you have the full liberty of writing your logic in the programming language of your choice and implement the custom logic for your use case.

We are empowering you to move from [No]Code to [Low]Code development.

Happy [No]Coding :)

And Much more#

We would be lying if we say that we have covered all the features of the platform. You need to use it to see it working and believe what we are saying.

We are sure you would have an awesome experience using our platform. Give it a try!