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Xano - Integration Introduction

This video series will help you understand how to build an app on DrapCode?

Xano is a no-code API platform. It allows you to store your data and interact with any front-end developer to build applications using this stored data.

Either you can use DrapCode as a front-end builder or you can gather data from APIs and display them on DrapCode and build your app functionalities.

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The video series contains - How to build an end-to-end application on DrapCode.

Login and Signup flow - for users on Xano to login and signup to their accounts on DrapCode.

Fetch List of Data and display in Data Table - data can be fetched from the API onto DrapCode.

Create New Records - on DraCode to be stored on Xano.

Update Existing Data items - how to update the stored records?

Deleting items - deleting the stored data.

Get Single Item Details - to create a more detailed page with a single record.

Create and Update flow in Modal Popup - to make edits such as create, delete etc. items on modal popup.

Search records in Data Table - to implement search flow on the data using Data Tables in Xano database.

Download Data Table in CSV - to download and save that data in CSV file.

Paginated results in Data Table - to reflect real-time data on Xano.

Xano is a no-code back-end platform. It includes a free plan where you can go ahead and create your account without having to purchase the subscription. Later you can upgrade your account as need be.

Here’s a dummy project with Data Tables containing users, roles, person, address etc. For instance,

Person contains details such as full name, date of birth, gender and email address.

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Address has multiple fields for adding the address of the Person.

DrapCode Builder Unix Timestamp