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DFB Sections and Pre-Build Layouts

The video tutorial helps you understand sections and pre-build layouts. Once you are familiar with these you can use them to create interesting and custom web applications of your choice.

1. Choosing Sections

To select these go to Sections. These are available as one-cloumn, two-column, and so on. You can choose them and drag-and-drop them onto the page.

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2. Dropping a Data Table

Go to Components choose Data Table component and drop it in the section layouts.

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2.1 Add details to the Data Table

Once you drop the Data Table a pop-up appears. In it choose where you fetch the data from the collection and then Save the changes.

Similarly, you can choose components and add detailing to your layouts.

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3. Adding Pre-Built Layouts

To select these go to Pre-Built Layouts. These are designs that can be picked as per the use case. Simply choose the design and drag-and-drop them onto the page.

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4. Customize the Design

Once the design is added to the page you can customize it further as per your preference and view the changes by clicking the Preview option from the top-right.

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