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DFB Details Page

In this video tutorial you can learn about the details page. For instance, in a scenario you want to showcase data of a particular task/record with images etc. you can use the details page to do so in your web application.

1. Create a Page

Go to Pages and choose Add Page. Name the page and click Create.

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2. Bind the Collection

Go to page Settings and choose Bind Collection and Update.

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3. Build the UI

You can build the page UI using components such as Navbar, Sections, Pre-built Layouts. Then open the Settings of the field to bind the collection. Here choose the collection and the specific field to bind and Save.

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4. Bind the Page and Collection via a Button

To create a buton go to Components and drop a Link. Here choose the page to bind, get path link id (which is the parent child collection) and the id and Save.

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5. Preview the Changes

Click Preview and now you can select the button created that will redirect you to the details page of the chosen item.

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