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DFB Custom Segment

The video gives you a clear understanding of segments. You get to know their function and how they can help you take your web application to the next level.

1. Creating a Segment

Go to Snippets choose Add Snippet. In the dropdown choose Custom Segment and Create Snippet. This will create a segment across pages.

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2. Design your Segment

Click on the + sign and from Pre-Built Layouts choose any segment as per your use case, customize it and Save.

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3. Adding Segment on Each Page

To do this go to Pages and then Components and choose the Custom Segment component and drop it.

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3.1 Choose the Settings

Open its Settings and choose the ones you want for your use case and Save.

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4. Preview the Changes

Customize the design and click Preview to view the newly added changes. The changes will be specific to the pages and won't reflect on every page the segment is applied.

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