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DFB Collection and Collection Fields

This video tutorial tells you how to build dynamic web applications with the help of collection and fields/records.

1. Creating a Collection

To build a collection go to Collection choose Add Collection. Then give a name to your collection and click Create.

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2. Adding Data to Collection

Now that you have created a collection you can start adding fields into it. You can name the fields as per your use case and click Create Field.

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3. Collection Fields

You can add different types of fields using the 'collection fields' in text, number, date and options format.

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4. View Collection

Now you can choose Add Data at the bottom right or choose Collection option at the top to start adding data to the fields.

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5. Deleting a Field

Go to Configuration or click Person Data and choose the field to Delete.

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6. Adding Data

Click Add Person option to add details and Save.

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7. View the Record

To view the record go to your collection and you will find teh newly added data record.

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8. Upload and Download CSV

You can upload and download data CSV with the Download CSV Template and Import Data from CSV File.

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