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DFB Authentication Login and Signup

This video explains about implementing the login and signup functionality. This helps you authenticate users of your app and safeguard it from unwanted access.

1. Install Plugins

Go to Plugins and scroll down or search for Login/Signup Plugin to Install**.

DrapCode SignUp Form

1.1 Add Fields

Choose the fields to create the plugin such as first name, email etc. and click Install Plugin.

DrapCode SignUp Form

2. Grant Access

Go to Pages. Create a page and name it. Then choose who to give Access To: and Update.

DrapCode SignUp Form

3. Configure the Event

In the event, go to Login/Singup and choose Login User.

DrapCode SignUp Form

3.1 Add Event Details

Add the user roles, pages and the notification message(optional) and Save. Similarly, modify the other events too.

DrapCode SignUp Form

4. Test the Changes

Input the detials to test the changes via the form on the Preview page and Submit. It will redirect the login users as per the use case.

DrapCode SignUp Form

5. Records Creator Details

You can check the details of the records such as created by clicking the eye icon of your field in the collection.

DrapCode SignUp Form