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Introduction App Builder Components

The Components panel contains different components to lay the structure of your low code/ no code web application. You only have to double click on the components of your choice and drag and drop them in the canvas and your web app will starting building without writing any line of code.

For your convenience, all the components are grouped into the following categories according to their functions. To know a component in detail, just click the component once and you'll be redirected to a detailed explanation.


As the name suggests, the components under this category are very basic.

The best way to use them is after creating the layout of your web app using layout components, and then add basic components as per the need for further customisation.


The components under this category are specifically used to design and arrange the page layout visually.

These components are very important to lay the foundational structure and design of your web application. We suggest you begin building your app with them.


The components under this category are specifically used to add different types of forms in your web application. You can create and customise each according to your design and requirement.

Remember, all the form components from "Input" to "Button" are to be dropped inside a form. They help you to customise the layout and design of your form as per your requirement.


This category contains advanced components which are to be added in a web application to fulfil specific needs.


This category contains components to integrate social networking icons in your web applications to redirect the users to your social network accounts.

  • Facebook
  • Google


This category contains components to add a table, list and component card in your web app.

These are the components that will help you build your web application(s). in the upcoming sections, we will cover each component in detail to explain how to use and change the look and feel of these components as per your need.

In case, you drop a component at an undesired place, then don't worry because all the components are very flexible and there position and design can easily be manipulated after dropping them in the canvas, which will be explained later in detail.